Stud Welding Chennai

Stud Welding Machine Chennai

The complete range of KELVIN stud welding chennai units are compact and cost effective equipments. The units are specifically designed to enable a small diameter range of ferrous and non-ferrous weld studs to be welded to light guage, self-finish or pre-coated materials, In most cases with little or no reverse making. We also offer CD Stud Welding, Arc Stud Welding, CNC Stud Welding, Automatic Stud Welding Machine in Chennai.

Stud Welding Process :

Capacitor discharge stud welding is a form of welding in which the stored energy is discharged across the gap between two surfaces to be welded as they are propelled towards each other . We are the No.1 Taylor stud welding dealers in Chennai.

Typical Application

Stud welding is a fast, accurate and reliable process which ensures the joint is stronger than the parent material or stud. The workpriece is not weakend by any hole punching or drilling, so thinner guages of materials can be used.

Stud Welding provides an invisible fixing for fasica panels, counter tops, signs, circuit board, rails, instruments and badges for any surface where final appearance, security or hygiene is paramount

The Stud Maintains to the DEN 13918 Standard in the following   And Sheet Materials of the Following types :
Mild Steel, Grade ST37 -E, Stainless Steel, Grade 1.4303, Aluminium Alloy, Grade AlMg3   Mild Steel, Grade CR4, Stainless Steel, Types SS304, ZINC Coated Mild Steel, Grade Cr4, Aluminimum Alloy, Grade He3, Half Hard
Specification KCD - 66 KCD -88 KCD-88.H.D
Power Supply 230 VA.C/8 Amps 230 VA. C/10A 230 VA.C/10A
Stud Range M2-M6 M2-M8 M2-M6
Duty Circle 6-10 Studs/Min 6-10 Studs / Min 6-12 Studs / Min
Gun Type Tip Contact Tip Contact Tip Contact
Weight 20 Kgs 25 Kgs 25 Kgs
CD Stud Welding Chennai
Arc Stud Welding Chennai
CD Stud Welding Chennai